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A good trimmer perfectly mows the grass on the lawn, but it is impossible to remove it afterwards with a rake – up to the last blade of grass, and the lawn becomes clogged and begins to wither. That’s when the site owner thinks about the need for a garden vacuum cleaner. In addition, in the fall it is quite convenient for them to remove fallen leaves. There is no need to rake, bury or burn them.

Today’s technical realities are such that the familiar pet – the vacuum cleaner boldly goes into the yard, greatly facilitating the process of cleaning the garden, lawn, flower bed: both large areas and small areas. Its design is somewhat modified, but the name remains the same: garden vacuum cleaner or blower.

Air cleaning does not affect the soil mechanically, does not change its structure, but also has a beneficial effect on plants, enriching their roots with oxygen. Modern technology of this type does not shun not only natural but also household garbage, cleaning quickly and efficiently.

Vacuum cleaner is better to buy for the garden?

Basic classification

In general, varieties of garden vacuum cleaners just mass. For example, you can find on sale vortex, rotary, rotary, centrifugal, vacuum devices made in China or Germany, which will be equipped with a compressor, high pressure or low pressure systems, sprayers, spray guns, aeration systems, etc.

But still the main classification according to GOST provides for the separation of such devices into three groups. So, in modern stores you can buy a manual, backpack and wheeled type blower. Let us dwell on them in more detail.

Manual models


Hand-held garden vacuum cleaners are ideal for small areas, since you have to carry them yourself. They are equipped with a convenient handle, a belt with adjustable length, etc. Attractive design, clear and accessible functionality, low weight. compactness, relative ease of repair – all this characterizes the manual device. At the same time, performance, noise and ease of use of the device will determine the engine that is installed in it. The engine can be either gasoline or electric.

Electrical engine. If the motor of the vacuum cleaner is electric, it will be characterized by noiselessness, ease of operation and environmental safety. At the same time, the device significantly loses in power, as well as in mobility, since the radius of your movement will be limited by the length of the cord.

Gas engine. The models working on gasoline are characterized by mobility, high power and high noise level. Despite the fact that he is free from “wire slavery”, the exhaust gases negate many of the advantages of this device. The sound produced by the gasoline blower is comparable to the roar of a motorcycle, which does not particularly suit those who like to sleep for a long time.

Knapsack models


Knapsack vacuum cleaners are professional or even industrial equipment that is used to clean large areas. They default to the gasoline engine, which provides high performance. By design, the model resembles a backpack, which allows you to use the tool with great convenience, pacing with it throughout the site.

Wheeled models


If the cleaning of garbage and leaves on the site is large-scale, then you will need more wheeled devices that are very powerful and efficient. These garden blowers are equipped with wide nozzles (40-65 centimeters), a 200-liter waste bin and professional cutting systems that can cope with branches that are 5 centimeters thick.

What to prefer

Garden vacuum cleaners are popular among summer residents. Everyone chooses a model according to his criteria based on the necessary functions and his own wishes.

Among the electrified models of vacuum cleaners you should pay attention to the MTD BV 2500 E. With a small weight (3.9 kg) it develops an air flow rate of up to 270 km / h. Engine performance 2500 watts. The capacity of the bag is 45 liters.

Its capacity is enough to cope with any contamination of beds and flowerbeds near the house, grinding them into a small fraction for fertilizer. The main advantage is that in a relatively oversized unit all three functions fit, and at the same time it remains fairly simple to manage.

Among the gasoline vacuum cleaners stands out a multifunctional Italian device Oleo-Mac BV 300. Among its features:

  • two-stroke motor, making it virtually silent compared to peers, but requiring a special mixture of gasoline and oil;
  • primer (air flow is regulated on the handle, which is very convenient);
  • vibration damping device that protects the operator from shaking;
  • metal knife in the form of 4 stars for quick grinding even thick branches;
  • power lock, which allows not to keep your hands in tension.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you need to make sure that the power is at least 2400 W, otherwise it will be able to cope only with dried leaves and from a short distance. If you are going to carry out cleaning at the dacha or in the park, then there is a chance that bumps or chips will fall into the mechanical component.

Selecting the necessary version of the technique, by all means pay attention to the characteristics, the principle of activity and the type of engine. Use our recommendations and choose the best garden vacuum cleaner for yourself.

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