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What do you drink the most after water? Coffee, isn’t it? At least for the devotees of joe like us, it holds true. So how do you ensure a cup ready at your demand? Go, get yourself a coffee maker.

Coffee is no less than religion if you look at its followers. And with the advent of various models, it’s more readily available nowadays. Almost every household that likes to savor a hot cup has a machine dedicated to the cause. Also, no matter how choosy you get, you would find a machine that suits your needs. It’s just about making the right choice.

Coffee makers are really advanced and versatile today. You can make your coffee in incredibly many ways. And, your cup is just a few button-presses away.

But, what are the different types of machines you get to choose from? After all, you need to consider them all before you choose your best. So here are the 6 types of coffee makers. Know them well before you pick your style.

Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

Drip Coffee Maker BESTEK

You can find Automatic Drip Coffee Makers more often than other machines. The reason is pretty clear. These machines are very easy to use, inexpensive, and deliver very fast.

Automatic Drip Machine work by dripping hot water over coffee grounds for extraction. You just have to fill adequate water in the reservoir, coffee grounds in the container, and push a button. It’s just a matter of a few minutes after that. You can choose from machine making 1 to 12 cups of drip coffees. Some machines can even be programmed to feed you a cup at a certain time.

Single-serve Pod Coffee Makers


If your coffee needs are often limited to a single cup, you should totally go for Single-serve Pod Coffee Makers. It’s the most convenient way of getting a single cup done. Some models like the Keurig K575 also offer a carafe for larger pots.

Pod models use specific coffee pods compatible with them to brew you a cup. A machine extracts coffee pods specially designed for it. These coffee pods include grounds and filter within them. So when you switch your machine on, hot water is filtered through the pod and brewing starts. Wait for a few minutes and you can pour your hot and delicious cup of joe.

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Espresso Machines

You can assume by the name that Espresso Machines are espresso experts. These machines are specially designed to make those bold espresso drinks. With these coffee makers, you can experiment with a number of cafe-style drinks at home.

Espresso machines today are more advanced than ever. They can use all types of coffee grounds and can brew any number of shots. You can also choose some models that offer dual spouts. These machines would let you make two different shots or a double shot. Some of these machines can even be programmed to brew later.

Stovetop Coffee Makers


Stovetop Coffee Makers can satisfy the nerd in you. Here, the process gets a bit complicated. However, these machines are famous for crisp and clean coffees. So if you’re up for the complication you can enjoy an amazing coffee.

Stovetop machines have three components:

  • The first one is the bottom chamber that you have to fill with water.
  • Next, there’s a long-stemmed funnel where you put your coffee grounds.
  • Now you need to put the machine on a stovetop. The water upon converting into vapor raises the pressure in the bottom chamber.

This pressure forces the boiling water up the stem through the grounds to reach the third component i.e. top chamber. When the bottom chamber gets emptied, remove the machine from stovetop and you can pour your coffee from the top chamber.

Manual Coffee Makers


Manual Coffee Makers are the simplest machines and most affordable ones as well. This is the oldest way of coffee with a classic taste. You don’t need electricity to operate these machines. What you do need are coarse coffee grounds and boiling water.

Manual models include a tall cylinder, a plunger, and a filter. You just have to put your grounds at the bottom and pour in some boiling water. Stir it well and close the lid to let the machine brew. Now you can weight from 1 to 8 minutes depending on how strong you want your cup. Next, press down the plunger which forces the grounds down the filter. It’s time to pour and enjoy your coffee.

Bottom line

So have you got your type of machine? Different people have different needs and expectations from their coffees.

Hence something just amazing for a person can be downright bad for someone else. Also, every type of machine has some good and some bad models as well. So it’s highly recommended that you carefully analyze the features of the model you choose.

The market is full of choices. Understanding how devices work helps you a lot in choosing the right machine. That’s what this list is meant to help you with. We hope this guide helps you understand what’s your type of coffee machine.

Have a great cup of joe!

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